Indevex - Natural Nutrition in the Fight Against Gestational Diabetes

What benefits could easy, healthy nutrition have on your life?

Indevex mission is, ”To prevent and treat diabetes with a natural food based therapy. This will improve wellbeing and reduce individual suffering hence save society money.”

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent life style diseases around the world today. Further, it is a disease affecting more and more children, condemning them to a life of dietary restrictions, medication, or constant insulin injections and monitoring.

Indevex’s natural food based therapy is a Medical Nutrition Therapy based on an all natural food blend. Taken 30 minutes before every meal, it is medically proven to stabalise blood sugar to consistently and significantly reduce diabetic symptoms. As this solution is based on 100% natural food ingredients, the Indevex Medical Nutrition Therapy has no negative side effects. It’s low GI helps to maintain a steady blood sugar level, and feeling of satiety throughout the day.

Indevex is commited to a diabetes free society. Are you?

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