Qlucore - Software for Exploring and Analyzing Large Numerical Datasets in Real Time

What would quickly finding patterns in your big data sets mean to you?

The explorations of DNA and proteomics have made extreme advances in data capture in the last 20 years. When the first Human Genome Project was launched in 1990 it took 10 years and 3 billion USD to present the first draft in 2000 for the DNA of a single person. Today a desktop instrument maps a human genome in one week at a cost of about 1000 USD. The raw data generation is no longer an issue. The bottleneck is now how to explore this type of big data sets and find any new meaningful correlations and other relations.

Through the initial work of  Prof. Thoas Fioretos at the Medical Faculty and Prof. Magnus Fontes and Associate prpfessor Johan Råde at the Mathematical Faculty, Lund University, a software program was developed to allow real time analysis, exploration and visualization. This is the core of Qlucore’s software. In combination with a user friendly interface, data is placed in the hands of the biologist and medical doctors for interactive exploration and analysis. Qlucore is focused on life science but seek other applications within industry and science where large numerical data sets need to be analyzed and explored. Years of explorative work can be cut to days allowing the researcher more time to generate new ideas.

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